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Dashboards for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profits face unique challenges. Every dollar, volunteer hour, and program outcome matters deeply. Yet, staying on top of this vital information can be overwhelming, often buried in spreadsheets and disconnected reports.


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Why Not-for-Profits Need Reporting Dashboards

Centralize all essential Indicators /metrics in one place for streamlined monitoring.

Track progress and showcase the overall impact of projects, charitable efforts, inspiring continued dedication.

Ensure proper allocation of funds, monitor spend and assess value to money to maintain donor trust.

Empower organizations with insights for informed decisions on monitoring, impact, legislation, and research progress.

Tailor dashboards with key performance indicators specific to not-for-profit missions for growth and sustainability.

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Powerful, Simple to Use & Affordable

Data is meant to be shared!

Which is exactly why we make sure you can share with your team, donors and clients through multiple channels.

Strategic dashboards can be shared internally, or externally as a report for stakeholders though Display, Links, Email Snapshot and through Mobile App.

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Business Intelligence Dashboard Examples

Executive Dashboard

  • Performance of your nonprofit
  • Track your inflows and expenses
  • Financial performance and accountability

Business Intelligence Dashboard

  • Overall Program Impact
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Monthly Annual Report

Operational or Accountability Dashboards

  • • Financial performance trends
  • Value for Money(VFM)
  • Staff Performance-Tasks vs time


  • M&E real time reporting
  • Field Research data
  • Data analysis and patterns